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The Company was founded by Pasquale Clemente in Italy’s Apulia region in 1963, from the bet of a young visionary entrepreneur who, looking at the agricultural prosperity of his land, decided to lay the foundations for his business. Pasquale had in mind a mechanical workshop for the oil sector, which would have facilitated the hard work of oil millers.

In Pasquale’s view, the Apulia region, with its historical olive groves, agricultural fields and centuries-old rural culture was an extraordinarily rich land in which his business vision could take root and new ideas could be nurtured.

clemente industry

The following activities are currently carried out at the factory:

  • Research and development
  • Machinery production
  • Equipment assemblage

Originally located in the industrial area of Altamura, the Company’s headquarters evolved overtime, finally moving to the “La Martella” district of Matera in 2002. The home base of numerous and heterogeneous companies in the production sector located between the provinces of Bari and Matera, this district is served by infrastructures that facilitate the processing, loading and unloading of goods, as well as the mobility of products.

Perniola Extra Virgin Olive Oil has decided to innovate its production line by opting for a Clemente Industry plant. Attention to the whole process from cleaning to separator, with machinery that can guarantee a high quality oil.