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Oil processing plant
Quality of services

Thanks to modern technologies and qualified personnel, the Company handles in-house all the production phases required for the manufacture of machines and systems for the oil sector and, specifically, the extraction of extra virgin olive oil.

The Research and Development Department is constantly working on improving performance and advanced automation technologies.

The services offered include:

  • Production of design and high-energy efficiency oil processing machines
  • Assembly of equipment according to modern logistics systems
  • Adaptation of facilities to the required capabilities and customer needs
  • Revolving technical advice and assistance
  • Guaranteed installation, maintenance and control
Services for the oil sector

Innovation and technology

Today, thanks to the deployment of most modern technologies and the skilled hands of its qualified personnel, the Company handles all production phases.

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Commercial offices

Clemente has been committed for sixty years to always guaranteeing customers high-quality products and services.

Indeed, the Company offers personalized technical consultancy services studied according to the needs of each customer, to achieve together the goal of maximum yield and to meet each and every requirement.

Clemente is committed to continuously improving its production processes with a view to environmental protection and energy saving.

Furthermore, believing in the importance of human capital, it cyclically invests in the training, experience and professionalism of highly qualified personnel.

Design phases



Design of machinery for the food industry.
Produzione impianti oleari2


Production of machinery for oil mills, bakeries, dairies, mills, etc.
assemblaggi impianti oleari3


Assembly of small and large machinery and plants.
collaudio impianti oleari4


Start-up tests are carried out by the technical-maintenance staff.
assistenza impianti5


Assistance is provided remotely, directly from our office.